CBS sports continue to cheap Nick Young jerseys china launch the summer team report. The lakers are the NBA with evergreen, but sank into the mire in recent seasons. In summer they continue to recruit, ushered in the corner?

First take a look at history. Bill cheap Nick Young jerseys online sharman when the celtics won the championship four times. After retirement, he became the coach of the warrior, then jump to the ABA league, coach for three years. The 1971-72 season, when he returned to the NBA, took the lakers. In the season, he led in the record of 33 straight, until now no one can break.

In his first season, the lakers won. But the second season, lost to the knicks in the NBA finals. The next three seasons, the lakers still taught by him, first in the first-round exit, and then for two consecutive years failed to enter the playoffs.

39 years later, the lakers once again not into the playoffs for two consecutive years. Is worse than this? Last season, the lakers in the history of the worst record in the record. Management must be summer action.

Main increase: nickelodeon jie ROM Russell (draft), Louis Williams (free), Roy hibbert led (trade), brandon buss (free), Anthony (draft), larry brown, Nancy and marcelo - rahul, (free).

Main attrition: carlos boozer (an unsigned free agent), Jeremy (free), Ed Davis (free), Ronnie price (free), Wayne - ellington (free), van der - blue (free) and Jordan - hill (free).

The lakers summer lineup change?

Last season the lakers' defense near the bottom. Kobe Bryant old show, and later to injury. The highlight of the lakers is the second round rookie Jordan - clarkson.

In the summer, the lakers quietly made some changes. Got the Hilbert, he still is one of the best players in the NBA to protect the basket, getting the best from the raptors sixth man Louis Williams, two person's contract is $21 million. For the lakers, this is cheap Nick Young t-shirt picked up a bargain, and what's more, they lost wholesale Nick Young jerseys only for the second round picks.

The lakers also brandon cheap Los Angeles Lakers Nick Young jerseys buss to replace carlos boozer. Perhaps more importantly, they in the second sequence picked the Russell, he could become the most excellent talent. For someone to lead Russell, they also signed also rahul, has experienced international players.

If the lakers still lost more than 60 games this year, that no one can no longer be with the team as an excuse. But this is not to say that the lakers will become a strong team. They won at least more than 30 games. Their goal is, don't become everyone wants to be consumed during forces. Have enough talent team, taken the first step in the right direction.

Byron Scott can take this young team?

Scott three points, I especially hate don't like the unconventional stance, which makes him unlikely to let the lakers play popular now instead of 2.

The lakers have Russell, clarkson, Louis Williams and kobe Bryant, playing 2 suits. The problem is that the old Scott will do the same?

If he will compromise, trust and Russell clarkson? Last season, unexpectedly clarkson, becoming the only threat the lakers score points. Russell, at least also can to his height.

Julius - Randall rookie season, played only 14 minutes this season, is the real start for him.

The lakers hope to aim at the playoffs, but realistically, they are based on this team, with an eye to the future. Russell, clarkson, and under the guidance of veteran randal three people to grow. The lakers will take them as the core in the future.

Scott want to do is to arrange their time reasonably.

Kobe Bryant will become a stumbling block to prevent the lakers forward?

This is a hard question to answer. Kobe Bryant will not necessarily retire in 2016, especially if you would have a healthy season. But the possibility of retirement is big, so may be his farewell season.

If he is still on the pitch, the situation becomes very complicated. Bryant has star aura, it is not possible to him aside, for young people to become protagonist.

In the past two seasons, Bryant played only a total of 41 games, even if the present, also failed to reach the height of the past. 35 games last year, he averaged 23.3 points, but the average need 20.4 shots per game. He is only 37.3% of their shots.

Accurate to say, kobe's jumper hit ratio is 33.9%, this is worse than Ritchie rubio. The injury is the real kobe old culprit.

If kobe when Russell's substitute, that is, of course, don't have these problems. The problem is that kobe Bryant would be willing to substitute? In the critical moment of the game, whether he would like on the sidelines? This is he never seriously answer question.

The likes of kobe Bryant, it is very hard to get him to substitute. Now even if Bryant can maintain the previous level, also can not take the lakers into the playoffs. Even to the east, the lakers didn't also strength into the playoffs. The key is: how to become the next generation of Bryant real mentor?

From another aspect. If this is Bryant's final season, the lakers how to foster new balance with kobe Bryant to say goodbye? This is a very difficult question, the lakers would answer badly.

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