In cheap chinese football jerseys addition to tottenham cloth Min, champions league cup game level of the other European where to buy football jerseys cheap powers team by south koreans also acted as a "flag". Borussia Dortmund 2-1 defeat krasnodar, WeiPiaoZhu after South Korea's son became the weight, the team is 0 to 1 behind, under the situation of gold, he first cross assists equaliser, and in the 92th minute header summit, to complete the final winner.

It must be pointed out that south Korean players in Europe, is by no means chance flashes of incidental, but the result of the long-term accumulation quantity and quality. On the quality of players, spurs, borussia Dortmund such level of the team, even with the champions league teams are not too big difference, is the European giants level team, south koreans can base on which the main comfortably, even is the embodiment cheap football jerseys of the strength. In number, the two major league (the premiership and the bundesliga), in cheap jerseys football the south Korean players figure can be seen everywhere, there is such a cabal of "Korean", one of the two individuals flash, it is by no means can not make an accident.

In South Korea players abroad and more accurate positioning, focuses on major breakthrough on the body, strength, impact and the spirit of the two big league, premier league, the bundesliga and technique content demand higher in la liga and serie a, the number of south Korean hit a wall, as has been to shift the focus. Today, "South Korea to help" the premier league, the bundesliga heyday, their future in the league and Europe buy football jerseys online cheap become the leading role, replica football jerseys cheap maybe will be more and more "no news".

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